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At every stage of life, it is worthwhile to stop and reflect on the best solution to meet our financial objectives.


Whether you are at the beginning or at the end of your career, we invite you to re-assess your financial position.


What would happen if you lost some of your earnings because of illness or disability? What would happen if you or your spouse died prematurely? Do you have enough savings to cover expenses during your retirement?


Our multidisciplinary team has the skills and the tools to help you answer these questions and help you in choosing a financial solution suited for your needs.


Placements FM has access to insurance and investment companies that are among the best on the market.



Group insurance

  • ​Development and review of insurance plans

  • Development and review of financial agreements

  • Preparation and analysis of request for proposals from insurers

  • Negotiations with the insurers

  • Validation and review of contracts and brochures

  • Follow-up on the plans experience

  • Tax optimization of the plans

Pension plans


  • Evaluation of the plan in accordance with the laws governing pension plans (capitalization, solvency, modifications)

  • Review the pension regulation

  • Calculation resulting from a request from the Pension Committee (program for early retirement, ad hoc annuity upgrading)

  • Proposal of modifications

  • Data retention necessary for a good management of the plan

  • Preparation of annual statements including a summary report for the Pension Committee

  • Calculation of benefits

  • Calculation of transfer values based on a framework agreement

  • Preparation of annual statements

  • Annual calculation of pension adjustments (PA, PASP, PAR)

  • Retirement compensation for the main shareholder

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