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Physicians in training:

During your studies, the biggest challenge is to prevent from going into debt.


Easy access to credit may end up being a disadvantage rather than a benefit.


We understand that studying medicine requires a lot of time and is a cause of stress. Our team provides you with financial solutions that are simple so that you can continue with your studies with complete peace of mind.


To Externs II - it is time to make plans to begin the residency program!

The first step is to protect your future revenues. Each year, a company offers you disability insurance which protects you during your residency program and until the end of your career; all this, without a medical exam. If you have any questions, please contact us

Medical Residents:

During the residency program, the first objective is often to stabilize the debt.


Whether it is to manage the debt or for other financial projects, a financial plan is often the best way to meet our objectives.


Conference Dinner

Each year, Placements FM and various stakeholders from the financial area meet together to organize conferences dedicated exclusively to residents. If you would like to be invited to future conferences, please contact us.


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